Depression may be a form of Adaptation...This was the answer for me and here is an outline...group of researchers studying the roots of depression has developed a test to measure analytical thinking and rumination that are hallmarks of the condition, leading them closer to the idea that depression may actually be an adaptation meant to help people cope with complex problems such as chronic illnesses or marriage breakups.

" ScienceDaily A new test measures analytical thinking linked to depression" or PM me and I will be happy to share and soon..Then was Ascension ..Probably the best pat of the journey The five stages of the ascension process are; Awakening, Cleansing, Letting go, Re-born, and Ascension..Google THE FIVE STAGES OF THE ASCENSION PROCESS..or pm me...This is new research on Depression as a form of Adaption to prepare you for the next phase of your life..This has been Spiritual if you re Religious and just an awakening if you are not..I have no fear no anger I right poetry cry at movies and do not give a flying (you know what) what people think...Depression is not because your daddy did not hug you or you did too many drugs or alcohol..Which brings me to my revelation that night...IMO Doctors should ask you when determining what med to take for depression, not what does you father or mother take or this is the best one, well this works for 70% of depressed people oh ya and it made me worse..If you do downers or drink to self medicates then a serotonin or Gaba Reuptake would be better choice but if you self medicate with uppers,speed or cocaine well than you are just like me and Dopamine should be looked at..This is not 100% fool proof but I will at the very least narrow the potential right med you your type of depression...I have talked with a few Pdocs and researchers and they tell me that tis approach is being looked at and how do I know this..here is a bit from.

.Achalu, Ph.D..........The addict's choice of drug, according to Khantzian, was a result of the interaction between the psychopharmacologic properties of the drug and the "primary feeling states" the addict was seeking relief from. The drugs effects substitute for defective or non-existent ego mechanisms of defense. The addicts "drug of choice," therefore, is neither random nor simply the result of current fashion or fad, but rather, results from a process of "self selection" that has been referred to as "preferential drug use" (Milkman & Frosch, 1973) Thus, narcotic addicts prefer opiates because of the relief they provide from the disorganizing and threatening affects of rage and aggression. Cocaine, in turn, has its appeal due to its ability to relieve the distress associated with depression, hypomania, or hyperactivity.
David J Cashorali

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