I am almost finished my B.A.

I found the only way to stay sane, is to do something like doodle, in a quite area untill. I admit I am tired. Drinking only increase the animosity I had from the corse load.
The other thing was having to remeber enough so in the second part of the course I would not forget the foundations I had learned.
Peopl always stress that the final gpa is the difference between a job or not.
I had to learn that reguardless of the gpa if I had done the best I could than that was more than good enough for me.
What all this amounts to is, a student has to give themselves time to decompress from the high competitiveness, that college edu comes with.
(My courses have been the 7 week full crredit ones, after 3 1/2 years,dealing with my personal life and overcomming surprises that arrived this is what keeps me sane.
Right now I am doodling and meditating
Next week?
Part of learning how to decompress is to leave safe options open so you can still enjoy your life.

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