It's so sad to watch the deterioration in young people's mental health. It's like kids can take one of two paths: hyper-achieving or dropout. It's all or nothing, and the top is the only thing that's good enough. There's not much room at the top, plus it's crazy at the top - ask anyone who is there/has been there and is willing to be honest about it (me, for example, although this is not about me so you're spared the details). With no child left behind and every action quantified into competitive percentiles, no wonder our kids are suffering. I wish all our kids knew what garbage went into standardized testing, what adult life is really like, and how much we all fail along the way. They wouldn't feel so much pressure to be perfect, and they'd know the truth about the adults evaluating them.
Excuse the disjointed the rambling, it's just frustrating to see the effects of the world we created and what it's doing to kids.

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