System of beliefs breaks down into two parts. System first. Religion is a system of beliefs. God has a definition, even if you've removed that definition pretty far away from religion as a lot of modern day adults have had to do. Second is beliefs. Of course atheists have beliefs. However, I don't "believe" in the ocean. I know the ocean is there. I can get on a plane and fly over it. I know if I land the plane in the ocean the plane will sink. I don't believe it will sink -- I KNOW IT WILL SINK. I don't "believe" in the moon. I can see it. I don't believe a helium balloon will float off if I let go of it. I know it will BECAUSE I know helium is lighter than "the air" you claim I don't believe in. And, guess what, if it doesn't, I know the helium tank must be empty. Science.

I do believe in justice. I believe in the rule of law. I believe people are fundamentally good. These are beliefs because there are times when justice doesn't prevail. There are times when our laws fail to reward the good guy over the bad one. Sometimes people disappoint me and show that they aren't so good. I still continue to believe because I have "FAITH" in my fellow humans. I continue to believe in these things because I've seen evidence of them.

I don't try to convince anybody to "believe there is no god." I don't believe there is one, but you can believe what you want. Just don't tell me i don't believe in ANYTHING as if that makes you superior. It just makes you sound uninformed.

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