this is so true. Many people don't want to admit this, but it's true.
I'm not gorgeous or anything, but I had certain attributes that were envied by others when I was growing up.
I was thin with nice curves, I had long hair and very light skin (I am biracial, black/white). I experienced a lot of racism because of the way I looked. A lot of dark-skinned women, in particular, have issues with mixed women due to the idea that lighter women are treated better in society.

I was very shy growing up and I had very low self-esteem. Women and girls with their own issues often attacked me, causing my self-esteem to drop even lower.
They would say vicious things to/about me for no apparent reason.
My own aunt even did this to me! I certainly don't think I've "got it going on" but the people who hurt me were obviously envious and threatened.

Some women don't know how to deal with their insecurities in a healthy way and they lash out at other women who might be smarter, prettier, kinder, etc.
Instead of looking at themselves and trying to be happy with who they are, they choose to hurt others. It's sad when people treat one another this way. All women have their own beauty, all women have something to offer the world, and bringing others down just makes a person ugly.

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