I couldn't agree more! I noticed that too. I don't think the other person is wrong for feeling that way, but they need to find a way to deal with it somehow.
We've all been in the presence of "that girl"...the one who gets more attention than we do.
And I see where the other poster is coming from...it hurts to be ignored (invisible) when somebody else is the focus of admiration.

But I agree with you. It's not the feeling itself that matters, it's HOW we deal with it.
I think if a person feels insecure or "invisible" around somebody else, they should step back and try to work on their self-esteem issues.
If this means spending less time with the person who inspires these negative feelings, that might help. Maybe even find new friends on the same level, who aren't so "threatening" in terms of beauty or (insert positive quality).

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