about the catty behavior of some women. I started to experience hate and jealousy from other females (some of whom were old enough to be my mother!) when I was as young as 9 years old.
It only grew worse when I started being noticed by boys at the age of 12 or 13.

There have been hurtful comments about my weight (being called "fat" by women much bigger than me); comments about my sex life; comments about my hair/clothes/makeup; racism because they couldn't deal with a woman of my background receiving male attention.
In short, behavior that was intended to cut me down and make me feel bad so I wouldn't be "competition".

I've noticed that any woman who talks about this is often silenced by other women.
It's like a dirty little secret. We know that women are often cruel to other women out of envy and jealousy, but it's taboo to admit it.
It's not PC to tell the truth about why some people act this way.
As to female friendships...I'm still looking for a friend who is cool, kind, drama-free, and not catty but so far, I haven't found her yet.

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