"But when I'm with [them] I'm invisible."

That...is very telling.

I only have male friends. I might say, "I'm well off, but they have much more." or even, "When we're together, it's obvious who shops in Italy." but if I said, "When we're together, I'm a pauper." it would be obvious that I harbor negative, competitive feelings against them. The rest of your argument works, but then you slipped and showed everyone the truth. You are why I do not keep female friends.

Your idea that men have shallow friendships is nonsense. We talk about our hopes for our children's futures, fears about the stability of our incomes, even fears of divorce or dying alone, and so on. Yes, we talk about things we do, but we don't ever talk about celebrity gossip, recipes, or make snide remarks about our neighbors, which is at least half of any conversation I've had with a woman.

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