Okay this entire article has been a series of misogynistic opinions that keep reducing women to animals who are merely interested in protecting their bodies from harm (so they can continue having babies?!?! that's the only reason seriously?!) and choosing particular friends so they can keep "their man" and not be seen as "sluts". But I stopped reading entirely when I hit THE most blatantly ignorant line in this article: "For example, the ritual of female genital mutilation, still practiced in some Muslim countries in Africa,..."

EXCUSE ME?! Female genital mutilation is STRICTLY forbidden in Islam! Some *countries in Africa* still practice it, yes. But what the h**l are you insinuating by saying that it is "still practiced in some MUSLIM countries in Africa"?

Seriously disappointed and disgusted by this article. In shock that "scholars" can get away with writing this crap.

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