I am one of those people who is wary of women who say they have no female friends. Your comment is a little hard to understand - why are women who are wary of women who have no female friends back-biting? Why do you assume they are jealous? I have some VERY attractive desirable female friends, and I'm not bad myself. But when I'm with a few of these friends, I'm invisible. Anyway, the point is....even women that are very attractive can have successful friendships with other females. So when someone tells me they DON'T have female friends I tend to think it is because they are extremely competitive, and cannot handle sharing the spotlight with other women. On the other hand, it could just be that they prefer shallow friendships. Men, generally speaking, have more surface level friendships - they discuss sports, hobbies, or other things that do not require being vulnerable and discussing feelings, their inner most thoughts, etc. Either way I'm wary because to me, friendship IS discussing those things, and being vulnerable around your friends. I cannot do that with a woman whose instinct is to compete with me, or with a woman who just refuses to dig that deep.

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