Sometimes I run across women who claim they won't trust a woman who doesn't have female friends. That tells me right there that they themselves are lacking in many desirable traits. A woman who has it all going on knows she intimidates other women and is aware that envious women will stop at nothing to try to bring her down and destroy her. So if a woman doesn't have any female friends, I just assume she has it all going on and is very attractive to men. She knows it never ends well and other women can't be truly supportive to someone they feel has/is more than them just at birth alone.

These back-biting women always hang themselves in the end, so kill them with kindness. Sometimes you have to call them on it by asking them straight out if they think they're the first ones to ever be threatened by you. Be self assured that the men or women who are blind to this competitive behavior an attractive woman brings on is simply ignorance. What that says is that they grew up and/or socialize with women who weren't on the receiving end of envy from anyone. Those people are unable to detect it because they don't know any better. You can point it out to them by asking if their female family members have ever been victim to this tiring bullshit. Their own answer will wake them up to the situation. To those ignorant fools, you explaining the dynamic will only lead them to believe you are full of yourself. Just ask them the question above to lead them out of their darkness.

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