I'm always dumbfounded at how women even concern themselves with this game of insecurities. Even smart and beautiful women can be insecure about who they are. It has nothing to do with evolution if you simply take a step back and think rationally. What does evolution have to do with self-degradation and insecurity? Neither personality flaw is beneficial to the individual or humankind.

Clearly, something greater is at work in the minds of each person aside from that which is deemed 'self', if you are with me. Something exists that which apparently does not seek the best of the self, or mankind, at any rate.

Why else would there exist any sort of personality disorders or psychological deficiencies? There is a force which many people have clearly left to itself and it is ... evil. This is a result of the fall of mankind and mankind's deliberate rebellion against God (El Ohim). Mankind is in a meal covenant with Satan and few people even have the understanding that it is the truth. 'How did that happen' you may ask. When Adam and Eve rebelled against God by eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, they agreed with the devil that they should be 'like God'. There was oly one problem: they already were! Satan deceived them into thinking they were something other than who they truly were... In other words, he fooled them into becoming insecure about their identities!

And, clearly, this still happens to mankind to this very day!

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