Please jump off your soap box. Stress is a primitive situation and it comes from hormones and a need to survive. I know you think you know what stress is like for every person on the planet, but you have to realize two things.

1. You don't know everything
2. Every single person in the world is different from you

I've had stress from being nearly dead, shot at, watched friends die... Facebook still stresses me out, because it's a popularity contest. "It's just a website" is probably the most illogical argument you can make, it holds no value or point of any kind. There are "websites" capable of things like the up-keep of pharmaceutical operations, so you clearly have no clue...

Not everyone has the amazing personality you have to say "I know I'm loved and I don't care what anyone else thinks", even though we practice it every day. Knowing that you are not perfect is part of humanity, and thinking you never care what anyone says or thinks is just a form of denial. Sorry you are human, weather you stuff shit down and pretend or not, it's your life.

Facebook causes real stress because even the alarm clock causes a little real stress. It has nothing to do with some magic answer about adulthood you learned when you were a teenager.

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