I have a vague recollection of writing a slamming response to your initial post from a few months back. I'm happy to see Ms. McClintock (sorry, I can only deal with one last name at a time) took the time to interact with Facebook and learn more rather than continue writing negative posts about the site.

Facebook isn't like High School, Tamara McClintock is like High School. Not everyone is going to like everything you post. It is not necessary to get agreement and "likes" to entertain, write and stretch oneself on Facebook. Sometimes merely the act of writing or posting a picture should be enough for the poster. "Likes" shouldn't be necessary.

This weekend I showed my 80 year old mother Facebook and how it can best be utilized. Just like Ms. McClintock, she assumed it was a place for her friends to gather and read each others' posts. Then I showed her several tricks about utilizing Facebook friends, and she suddenly understood and was intrigued. Facebook is a social network, much more than a tiny group of your current trusted friends. Facebook is not only about your current friends, but who you might wish to know, people you might wish to meet, the people you can meet in a group and who they know. So I would like to make a few suggestions to Tamara McClintock.

1) Get out of your comfort zone and start joining some Facebook groups. If you are interested in clinical psychiatry, and again and illness then join some groups that focus on those subjects. Join your own neighborhood group so you know about the new park or the traffic problems. Write some posts on those group feeds about what you know about these subjects and watch the responses. People that don't know you will agree or disagree, and give you pause for thought because these are their interests too.

2) Make some new friends, lots of new friends. Look at the collections of friends of your current friends. You will notice people you might want to know better. Friend request them, many of them will not friend you back but get over it. If you friend request 100 people, 25 of them might friend you. This, BTW, is why one of your friend has 1500 friends, she's putting herself out there and meeting new people. The more distance someone has from you the more likely they will converse and disagree with you. Facebook is a tremendous opportunity to expand your social circle in a very good way.

3) Stop worrying about the "likes". Sometimes people are busy, sometimes people are tired. Just about everybody will see what you post so it doesn't matter. Write whatever you wish, if you like politics then don't be shy. Some of your new friends from your groups and increased social circle might like your political posts.

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