so, i had been seeing a lot of Discourse™ about the idea that girls mature faster than boys, some people saying it's a myth, and often talking about how it can be harmful in certain situations, so i decided to do some research of my own, and after many misogynistic articles, including one that had the audacity to suggest that "boys mature by age 12 and girls take til their mid forties-if ever", based on things such as "the ability to handle your emotions in a crisis", i finally found this. and...IT MENTIONED INTERSEX PEOPLE
and also, if implicitly, nonbinary people-it did talk about gender identity being a spectrum as well as biological sex. i'm really happy that the existence of those who aren't male or female, whether physically or mentally, was acknowledged. and it had some very interesting information as well-psychology fascinates me. my takeaway was that girls don't INHERENTLY mature faster than boys, but social and cultural factors cause them to.

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