Here we go again... Women are superior bla bla bla... Which is basically what the brain is saying.

But the reason men have fewer connection between hemispheres is to enable them to have increased focus on a specific task instead of having an unfocused mind switching between tasks and doing none as efficiently.
I'm not sure way the different gendered brains are configured I'd portrayed as negative as seems to be the case. All it suggests is what people have always known - that men and women are *born* different and to be better at certain things. Obviously this doesn't stop either gender from learning other things though.

But what this does suggest as is said elsewhere is that boys are disadvantaged in modern classroom settings and returning some more practical, hands on, individual tasks might be of benefit.
What's the point of teaching just the academic subjects? Why aren't we teaching our kids to cook meals, build and repair things and practical skills for the real world?
No, I'm not in favour of confining girls to cookery classes and boys to woodwork, but why aren't we teaching these practical skills to both sexes anyway? Why are we raising a hopeless generation that are academically gifted but wouldn't know how to so much as boil an egg or drill a hole?

Bring back practical and individualistic subjects alongside academic ones and you'll find boys will thrive at them. It's only since the shift away from this that boys have been in decline.

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