I'm not sure if you realize this, but it is very hard to find a place that is always completely silent: outside, there's the chirping of birds, the shouts of children playing, the roars of cars going by. Inside a classroom, the teacher may be walking around, as well as the other students. The other students may be talking, and if not, they can't control sneezing or coughing, or if they drop a pencil, etc. In your room at home, there's still the sounds of the other people who live with you, as well as the pets. You can still hear, outside, the sounds of children playing and cars driving. But music can help you focus only on what you're trying to do - it blocks out distracting sounds. And one more thing: listening to music with lyrics that are in your language is distracting - listening to jazz, classical, or soundtracks from video games or movies or TV shows is the best option for studying. I, personally, like to listen to music soundtracks from a few of my favorite Anime.

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