The study mentioned here shows the writer's bias by comparing the impact of different types of music. More recent and more comprehensive studies show that silence is best--which those who *want* to listen to music simply don't want to discuss.

High school students need to hear the message over and over again: silence is still better than any music they can listen to while trying to learn.

It is incumbent upon adults to present a united front on this issue--while defending the most comprehensive and current research--b/c our students will fight tooth and nail if we show weakness. It is in their best interest to learn to turn off the music and focus. Wavering and telling them that 2nd best is better than 3rd best, is just undermining the attempt of teachers to create optimum learning conditions, which are ever more important to students struggling in a fast-changing world.

It is just disappointing to find adults ignoring the real solution in favor of solutions that justify their own choices.

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