Thanks so much for this article! I am so tired of victim-blaming. And what the author says is true. Victim-blaming makes the situation worse for the victim, making the victim prone to further bullying and abuse.As soon as one person blames, the rest chime in, and you have an entire social group pointing the finger. If the person then goes to a new social circle, the person is smarting from recent wounds. Sadly, the wounds are apparent to those around him/her, so this will lead to more name-calling, "You deserved it!" This cycle has to stop or else it can really get worse and worse and lead to a very very bad end.

The way to stop it is to refuse to participate in blaming. Reach out to those called "bad energy" (which is meaningless), reach out to a person called "negative,' to those called "energy vampires" (again, this is actually not even possible), and reach out to anyone called "toxic," (not real!). These harmful labels are actually magical thinking. No human has such superhuman power as to zap energy or to poison others with toxicity, this is actually fear and loathing and bigotry translated into pop psychology. Just ignore it if you are ever called those nasty names.

If I could zap energy, I'd hand it out to others so you alls could lower your heating bills. How's that for an energy vampire this Christmas season? No one will need fuel assistance, here she comes with the goodies.......

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