I hope some will take the time to read my story:




It's exceptionally well documented, and ... entirely true.

And ... yet ... in places where my story has appeared on the Internet, I get excoriated for what I allegedly did or didn't do.

Lost in the fury of criticism is the simplest concept: "Why didn't anybody quiet the barking dogs ?"

I'm called a liar, a fraud, a drama-queen, a "perpetual victim."

The veracity of my story is CONSTANTLY questioned. The ironies, of course, are:

1) This is exactly how the story started -- the neighbors built their own convenient narrative, rather than ever seeking the truth, and

2) It's all in writing. But it's infinitely easier to victim blame than to browse documents for 15 minutes.

Yep. It can roundly shatter our belief in a just world if we take the time to understand these situations.

And maybe that shattering is a critical step toward a truly just world.

Thanks for a great, if painful, article.

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