You see, that's exactly what this article is trying to say. According to this article, one reason why we tend to blame the victims is because we actually have a firm belief in karma. We believe that if we are good, only good things will happen to us, and if we are bad, only bad things will happen to us. In a just world, that belief would be true.
Now, let's take your example. It is NOT just for a little girl to be raped and sold into prostitution. But then, it can happen in this world. And when it does, it upsets our "good things happen to good people, bad things happen to bad people" belief. Because now, a bad thing has happened to a good person(the little girl). It implies that even if we are good people, bad things can happen to us. Most people don't want to believe that, because then they would feel vulnerable. So instead, they look for ways to see the victim as a bad person, so that they can hang on to their own belief that the world is a fair and just place, and thus feel safe.
According to this article, that is the theory behind why we tend to blame victims.

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