Dr. Denise Cummins wrote:

I hope you were able to find human kindness somewhere in your life to feed your strength of spirit and to restore your faith in human nature.

Yes, indeed! I did find such people, two of the kindest people I've ever met. One of them gave me all the warmth she could, her support was honest and devoted and I was astonished to discover that such people actually exist; the other is able to understand like nobody else, he is the only one who truly accepts me with all my oddity without judging me or resorting to cliches! So, even though they were my only true friends in my life, and regrettably I'm able to still keep in touch only with the latter, thinking about them in hard times alleviates the pain and makes me feel happy, truly happy. Some people aren't blessed to have even that! Sorry, I meant to write a short reply, but I hope you sensed my inspiration and gratitude for knowing such people - without them being in my life (even though at different periods in my life, and they don't even know each other), I don't know if I would be still around by now, or I could have turned into a misanthrope at the very least!

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