Another form of "control" & "society dictates" etc. Scientific? 23 people? What utter nonsense! I have been a Nightowl all my life! I don't drink, smoke, over eat, don't suffer from depression, sleep like a baby & relish the late hours when others are "sleeping"! Pure Bliss! Chose to work nights at times for the sheer pleasure of a near empty office to enjoy - so cosy! Also, would rather drive to my destination at night! Not be herded early morning like cattle onto packed trains or motorways & back again at night until you drop dead - therein lies the madness! Just prefer life to be simple - not the mad rat race which is the real culprit for the "bad habits" you list! How rude and judgemental! Not so long ago, folk had two chunks of sleep each night & got up to do all sorts in the middle of the night before the second sleep! Man, to his detriment, invented "the clock" as we know it, circa The Industrial Revolution to get more work out of the common people. And then, God forbid, the "9-5" routine. Even now, no-one has the brains to instigate "real flexible work-time" to reduce the traffic jams! The clue is in "Rush Hour"? DUH? We don't need nonsense "scientific" articles - just more common sense!

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