My father had certain ways of doing things much like the rest of us. It was just expected that we did things correctly. Unlike my siblings I never thought it harsh or his standards were too high. Most of dad's reasonings why things needed to be done a certain way (sometimes the long way around, seemingly make-work projects) just made good sense. I never felt it was perfectionism he was after and yet my four older siblings did. My siblings spent their lives trying to one-up each other to impress my father and get his attention and approval.

For me, doing things dad's way was just respectful. If it is my project, we do it my way...unless there's a better way.

I have always felt good enough in every way. I don't particularly give a second thought to what other people think of me or what I'm doing. While life isn't perfect all the time, I've really had inner peace for most of my life. My siblings are still searching for perfectionism and acceptance.

If we all grew up basically the same, why are they still trying to prove themselves when doing anything while I know the only person I need to prove anything to is myself. I do feel blessed.

Loved the article but could only relate while thinking of my siblings and their situations.

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