Hi, Elisabeth

Thanks so much for writing this, and for recognizing that there's far more to polyamory than the "couple+" model that gets so much attention in mainstream media coverage of polyamory, and even in discourse within the poly community. After all, polyamory is about *people* -- and while many of those people may also identify as part of a couple, many others operate as free agents. Both approaches to poly relationships are equally valid and worthy of respect and attention.

Readers who are interested in learning more about solo polyamory might want to check out the Singleish & Solo Poly Facebook group -- which focuses solely on the issues faced by, and perspectives of, singleish/solo poly folk. It's not just a general polyamory discussion, so it has an excellent signal-to-noise ratio :-)

I look forward to your book. I understand that your own polyamory research focuses mainly on primary relationships and family-style polyamory, which is fine -- every project needs a focus. But I'm thrilled that you also recognize and are willing to discuss and learn about solo polyamory.

I write the SoloPoly blog and am happy to answer questions about solo polyamory there.

Thanks again!

- Aggie Sez

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