A lot of very perceptive truth spoken here. I have not seen the film, but it sounds great. So ironic that if people want to bully someone, they can just label their victim a bully. Then all their cruelty is justified.

I had read articles at Namie's website, and I never was convinced. Yes of course bullying happens, but it's usually much more complex than the stereotypical examples.

It is human nature to demonize anyone we perceive as our enemy. That is actually a survival skill, because if we had compassion for people who actually are trying to destroy us, we would be in trouble. The problem is, we usually can only guess who our enemies are, in our complex modern societies. In tribal cultures, it was probably much clearer.

People are often too quick to label anyone they don't understand as evil, crazy, stupid, narcissistic, a bully, etc. It's easier than trying to see another point of view.

And, in fairness, we don't have the time or energy to try to understand everyone and see everyone's point of view. So we demonize and apply simple labels.

But I am glad the anti-bully movement has received some deserved criticism. I really wanted to understand workplace bullying, having witnessed it, but the simplistic analyses and demonization did not help at all.