I am delighted with your article. We can so easily relate to it.

Letting go is one of the hardest events in our lives and I am passionate about this topic. I am happy to share with my clients and audiences practical, user friendly and effective tools how to learn to let go, regardless to what the event is or the situation the tools work.

I am delighted to know you and wish you tremendous success and a very happy life and Fatherhood.

When my only son was 2 years old 3 couples friends of mine decided to go away and enjoy a long weekend in a resort in Israel. I took my son to my mother's house. She was a spectacular Grandmother. We took off in 3 cars afterwards but by the time we reached the closest city after Tel-Aviv, I began to feel a deep anxiety and longing to my son. To make a long story short, my husband and I turned around and picked up the baby and went home instead. Since then life presented tremendous challenges and circumstances and the skill to let go became a familiar event in my life. Thinking back and reminiscing on that very moment I have come to validate how I felt then and where I am today.
I had to share this with you.