Here you go.

What if Bob Dylan had started his career hoping for success on American Idol? The thing is not to give up your dreams, but to find the way to make them come true! You see how that works?

I studied special education in college, taught a very few years (7 total), but then had a son who was given a label and placed in special ed for resource (mostly testing) only. He's smart, but he didn't fit the mold. The school labelled him (yes, they did) Autistic so they could treat him behaviorally and not educationally, making it "all about him" and not their inability to educate him. I'm not blaming them, it's hard. With my degree I could never figure it out. His profound learning differences were never recognized until he went to college and I had him tested. He receives accommodations now. If you think you did bad in your GRE's in certain areas, you should see his essay composition or math fluency scores in the WIAT-III. Yet his verbal is 96%. I think a LOT of kids who would have been labelled dyslexic or some other specific learning disability, are being labelled Autistic/Aspergers, which sucks, because their lack of ability is seen as being willful, and they are punished/drugged/"specially educated" into hating school because the almighty test is more important than alternative ways of showing their genius--in music, the arts, shop, and theater, hands on classes, business math for practical purposes rather than Algebra/Geometry/Calculus. There is more than one way to SHOW your intelligence. When schools fail kids, schools fail kids. (You see what I did there? Double entendre.)

Dyslexias have the most enigmatic wiring. The most brilliant student I ever had, verbally, could talk about any subject with depth and understanding...could not take a timed math test or memorize facts, spell, or write, physically, without distress. He thought he was stupid. Schools attempt to destroy about 20% of their populations by taking away those things that have meaning in order to make test robots.

Not that I'm bitter or anything. My son is who he is. I'd match him against any nerd high IQ test taker like I was. I adore him and wouldn't change a hair on his head.

Y'all should speak with the Dr.'s Eide at Dyslexic Advantage dot come. They are doing some outstanding stuff. Like this: Anthropologist Jack Horner has a hell of a story, too. He shows how dreams can fight against what seems reality. You have a man that flunked out of college 7 times, yet receives the MacAurthur Fellowship Award. I'm thinking he also received an honorary degree from the same college. Think Dr. Emmet Brown from back to the future...that's who he reminds me of, anyhow.