I like the article, but I find that it just reemphasizes the need for the 4 points that it mentions (eating, exercise, stress, social) that the medical world and the fitness community have been preaching for years.
I exercise frequently and eat right. Im a 45 yr old male, and over the past 10 yrs I found my weight to fluctuate about 30pds (at first not intentional due to employment, but gained it back on purpose).
I can honestly say, that being heavier does drive a lack of stamina and more of self pity attitude, opposed to being fit where it increased confidence to accomplish things.
As far as life longevity, I think this plays a minimal part in it. Don't get me wrong, doing what it is right, as its meant to be will increase our chances. After all, we were put on this earth with fried foods at our feet. But, the genealogy has to play a part. I've known perfectly healthy and fit people pass away at a young age due to a out-of-the-blue medical condition opposed to people who smoked and drank for years.
Where are the stats that compare the two? In either case, to me- it's common sense to eat and exercise properly and moderation in anything is the key. I've always believed that exercising and eating right was 10% physical and 90% mental- you just gotta have the will to do it, want it, and keep it up.