Thank you Leah and Pamela for your rebuttal. As an MBTI practitioner of many years, I find that poor instruction prior to administration of the Inventory, along with a propensity these days for people to "self-interpret" results of inventories of this type, leads to mistaken outcomes notions and over-generalizations. Only trained practitioners should be administering and interpreting results. The notion of "traits" discoveries from the MBTI that others speak of here is bogus. The Inventory does not measure traits. It measures preferences and there is no "strength" and "weakness" philosophy behind it. Preferences are on a continuum of "clear" or not, and yes, can vary according to an environment (ex: work vs. home). A truly trained practitioner sorts out and appropriately explains this when working with a client. This is not a self-help tool, nor for untrained interpreters.

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