As I suspected, you were being rude all along.

Wikipedia? Really? A totally reliable source for all information? No errors or crackpot theories to be found there then.

Can't see the relevance of nuclear energy? I won't insult your intelligence by suggesting further reading, but I'm sure you can rely on a quick Wiki check.

Carl Sagan was a genius of the modern world, and has enlightened the globe on many subjects. However I don't believe he was omnipotent, and if you know anything at all about Mr Sagan then you will know that he was always open to the ideas of others as well as expressing his own.

I LOVE your words "Quoting someone out of context is a hallmark of quackery" (sorry about the quote marks, I just can't help myself!) - perhaps you might apply the same thinking to Mr Grant's article, which has more holes in it than your average tea bag, in my opinion.

Also - "There are no such things as alternative versions of: mathematics, science, engineering, medicine, reality. At best, the alternatives are mildly entertaining fairy tales; far too often they lead to morbidity, even mortality." - I'm afraid I would feel too limited by two dimensional thinking to agree with you.

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