Quoting someone out of context is a hallmark of quackery, as is putting the word evidence in quotes.

You are welcome to have any opinion you wish, but do not expect endless tolerance for your alternative reality and abject failure to understand the definitive meanings of: opinion, hypothesis, theory, evidence, no evidence, the scientific method, critical thinking skills, and most importantly in your case, debunked hypotheses.

There are no such things as alternative versions of: mathematics, science, engineering, medicine, reality. At best, the alternatives are mildly entertaining fairy tales; far too often they lead to morbidity, even mortality.

Fortunately, items such as bridges and transportation are not designed using your alternative view of reality, they are based on solid evidence.

Unfortunately, your use of the MBTI will devastate many lives because you are unable to accept it is bogus.

WTF bearing has nuclear energy on this discussion? Please learn some basic logic. Here's a good starting point:

I also highly recommend that you read The Demon-Haunted World by Carl Sagan:

Sagan wrote it to explain the scientific method to laypeople. I sincerely hope that you find Sagan's work much more helpful to yourself and others than the MBTI.

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