No offence taken, Pete, other than your comment "[your quote marks were unnuecessary]" (see I used them again!) - my quote marks were just that - I quoted someone else.

We should all have the capacity to allow each other to express our views, and to express equally valid opposing views - that's what makes a debate interesting.

Thanks for the reading advice. I once read a book by JK Rowling that said that there's a magician's school accessible from a hidden platform at Kings Cross, London.

Whatever axe you may think I have to grind, you're wrong. MBTI is a function I provide within my organisation willingly, and I studied and qualified willingly, because I believe in the tool. However MBTI is not my main job function, and I don't in any way rely on it for employment or income.

I'm pleased to contribute to this discussion to show that tne negative opinions being expressed here are not the only opinions that exist.

And these days, people can come up with theories and "evidence" (I used quote marks in a different way this time) to debunk or endorse anything.

We're talking about the human psyche, which as a species we're only just beginning to understand. We've dipped our toes in the ocean. MBTI doesn't even claim to do most of the stuff it's criticised for, and proponents of other newer sexy sounding theories should proceed with a little caution, that's all.

Remember when nuclear energy was the great new thing?

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