You are 100% correct in that the MBTI has nothing to do with personality traits [your quote marks were unnecessary], which do exist; it has everything to do with personality types, which no longer exist in modern evidence-based psychology and psychotherapy.

The reason that there is a basic lack of understanding in how the MBTI works is not due to our ignorance, it is because it doesn't work and its pseudoscience was debunked a long time ago. I have no vested interest in the MBTI or any other psychological evaluation tool on the market. Obviously, you do have a vested interest.

The more time we invest in learning and/or practicing something the harder it becomes to admit that we might be wrong. Robert B. Cialdini explains this extremely well in the chapter Commitment and Consistency, Hobgoblins of the Mind, of his book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion (revised edition). If you really are a proponent of taking off one's blinkers then you will thoroughly enjoy this book.

If you take off your own blinkers, while properly reading the references I provided above, you might begin to see the folly of your views.

No personal criticism intended. I thank you for sharing your experience and send you my best wishes,

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