I personally have learned from these tests that they are simply not accurate. Somewhat, yes, but not all the way. I took this test 4 years ago and was an ENFP. I had just gone through some major life changes and felt more "Free" than I ever have in life. Due to ongoing therapy because of the aforementioned events I have recently retaken the test. Almost 5 years to the DATE i am now an ESTJ. Talk about a change. The extroversion isn't going to change. That is factual in that you are either one or the other. That is not to say that you won't be more introverted at times, but overall you are either extroverted or introverted and that is not something that changes. however other things DO change. I guess I shouldn't say the tests are not valid or accurate, it's just not a one time type of test. We are constantly evolving and shaping and so if you take it one time that does NOT identify WHO you are but more of WHERE you are in life.

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