I'm not offended, I just think you're talking out of both sides of your mouth. If prospective employees should be honest, so should prospective employers. It's BS to pretend honesty is only required on one side. You claim it's all about personality, but what I'm pointing out is that none of it is personality, because the employer is attempting to weed out the employee without ever meeting them, by using some candy-assed, unscientific "personality quiz" written by a third party and founded on hot air. If they were asking questions about direct job skills, that would be relevant. They aren't. They're giving a person a lengthy and meaningless quiz and throwing people out based on someone's interpretation of the quiz. The personality hasn't even entered in yet. I have been hired from every job interview I've ever had. The problem is getting thrown out on some idiotic quiz without the opportunity of a meeting.

Part of this, of course, is the government's fault. Because collecting unemployment benefits requires people to spam every available employer with resumes, employers are getting mounds of resumes that aren't relevant to the job. If I send my welding resume to someone hiring an engineer, I'm wasting their time, but the government requires it. Then consider that many of the questions are vague and subjective anyway, and it's foolish to accuse someone of "lying".

It also sounds like you're condemning people for being dishonest, while offering a book that teaches them how to lie more effectively. Let this book teach you what employer want, so you can more readily fake it!

I'm also not sure where you get the idea that male welders are foul mouthed or harassing. In my experience, both male and female welders swear about the same, and about the same as office workers, and I never had any problem with them harassing the women. The office workers have, in my experience, been the lying, underhanded, backstabbing assholes. OMG! Sales screwed this up! Can we blame this on shipping??

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