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Further information on the MBTI...

"Psychologists don't actually use it (it's not very good), but businesses love it.":

The MBTI is based on four false dichotomies: the binary parameter of each dimension totally excludes the "normal" middle ground. In logic, this is the informal fallacy of the excluded middle. E.g. "Half of the people have below average intelligence", which is indeed true by definition, but it would be wholly inappropriate to categorize as "stupid" all those having below average intelligence and as "genius" all those above the average.

The MBTI is non-falsifiable and its test repeatability is very poor, both of which disqualify it from being considered as a scientific instrument.

The use of the MBTI has been banned in some jurisdictions: quite rightly because it is all about stereotyping people and shoving them into one of sixteen pigeonholes, which is the antithesis of equality and fairness.

The URLs I've provided give links to further reading on this and related subjects.

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