The MBTI measures four of the same traits as the Big 5 tests. The difference is that the Big 5 is *extremely* value-laden. If you take one of the Big 5 tests, it will be obvious which are the "good" answers and which are the bad ones.

Extraversion is good.
Openness to experience is good.
Agreeableness is good.
Consciensiousness is good.
Neuroticism is bad (although sometimes neuroticism is called Emotional Stability, so that it can be good, too.)

In contrast, the MBTI acknowledges that some traits are good for some careers/lifestyles, and those same traits are bad in other circumstances. For example, Extraverts are going to be miserable working in a job where they need to be alone much of the time, but Introverts may thrive in a job like that. Similarly, people who are high in Openness to Experience (Intuitive) thrive in creative situations, but people who are low (Sensing) are miserable in those situations but do well when everything is clearly spelled out.

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