All so true. However, as Americans we want to rush into meditation with bodies that are not occupied or under our control, with minds that chatter and undeveloped concentration.

The same people who feel these meditation benefits when unprepared will experience a whole other level of benefit if they perform the ancient preparations for meditation (most often overlooked). Get the body and mind, breath and spirit right first with yoga. The first seven petals of yoga prepare us for the eight, meditative absorption.

Trying to meditate with an untrained body and mind is like trying to use a paper cup to hold lava, or running high voltage through a narrow-gauge wire. This lava is the nectar of prana (kundalini shakti or prakriti) that rises when in real meditative state (not the calm relaxation most think of as meditation).

Don't believe me or the countless generations of sages, especially you experienced meditators who are skeptical reading this. Just try it. You will see. No words will be needed, no explanations or books or articles. If you sit with a strong and fully occupied body, with all chakras balanced, then you will experience the real benefits of meditation.