Anonymous wrote:

Hey Greg, my dog stays at my parents' house while I am in another city, and you can definitely tell the difference un his excitement whether I'm gone for a week or a couple days

This entire blog entry and the experiment is an example of "science" gone horribly wrong. Individuals who haven't the slightest clue what dogs are like. How can they not appear to be aware that there is incredible variation in how smart different dogs are? Some dogs are dull as dishwater, other dogs have a lot of human-like traits.

They do not understand science, they do not understand dogs, they don't understand anything. Yes a dog can tell the difference between two hours, four hours, two weeks. No you do not need to imagine a special mechanism about how they do it with "episodic memory" or bringing up all those things... they just do. The same as humans can tell a difference between two days and two weeks.

Science performed poorly as it is here can actually make people more stupid and more uninformed, by giving them wrong information and an incorrect way of looking at things when they would have done better to just use common sense. What a load of garbage. Science like this is more like a religious practice.

Also not a single person who was involved in or thought this was a good study has ever had a smart talk that missed them, they do not understand dogs at all.

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