This study, I think, created an incomplete snapshot of what is actually going on in the big scheme of interpersonal relationships. Mostly because it wasn't a long-term study.

Harmonic resonance with another's personality usually is dependent upon loyalty consistency, and proximity. So you don't really "become who you love". We all have a unique identity, and through relating to others, we add things that we like about them to our own self.

Finally, I very much disagree with this article saying that negativity is necessarily symptomatic of self-hate. It certainly can be, but more often it is an effect of being mistreated by others. To say that a person's bad attitude is necessarily their own fault is just another form of victim blaming, and shirking responsibilities for the effects we ourselves have on others. The fact that this kind of lassiez-faire ideology even manages to work it's way into the most liberal of psycho-babble is disturbing to me.

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