First off, wow! You article could have been great, but then the we are faced with extremely poor scholarship on the who painted the Sistine Chapel issue. Shame on you, "Mixed sources." Why would you make such a definitive statement with mixed sources. That is a huge error in your otherwise well written essay. I understand trying to support your thesis with an example we are all familiar with, but "mixed sources" is not adequate. A perfect example we are all familiar with could have been the authors of the Gospels. That is extremely easy to research and easy to prove without using, "mixed sources."

It is common knowledge that all Renaissance painters had studio assistants, sometimes many. Michelangelo was no exception. Did he paint every stroke of the Sistine Chapel, most assuredly not. Should the fact, Michelangelo had studio assistance help him in some way diminish his reputation. Absolutely not, what is of more importance is something that should be common knowledge, obviously is not.

**excuse my grammatical errors, I am on a phone. I usually only comment on my laptop to ensure proper form, but something about the use of "mixed sources" needed my immediate attention. I'd like to add on most issues there are always "mixed sources," however, it would have been appropriate to let the reader know that. Or, in an essay of this length use an example that is more definitive.