I'm glad your daughter got off to such a quick start with reading. She sounds like a very bright girl and I assume that has quite a lot to do with her parents, too.

I really enjoy doing sound-symbol work with very young children. I, too, am amazed at what kids can accomplish if we encourage them in logical and consistent ways.

I think the biggest challenge we have with early literacy is simply the tradition we've bought into as a nation that learning to read is something kids start in kindergarten and don't really get the hang of until first grade.

I've found, just as you have, that with the right exposure and instruction, kids can learn to read and write much earlier in life than our school system traditionally tells us they can.

The fact that many kids become literate long before their first day of school is well known. But the belief that kindergarten is "the year kids begin to learn to read" is perhaps the equivalent of a vestigial organ.

They key here is probably not methodological but cultural. Literacy is associated with school and school doesn't officially start until kindergarten. The best way to change this might be Universal Pre-School minus the "pre". What is school started at age 3? Eventually we might come to think of that year as the beginning of literacy learning.

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