I've also noticed an increase in trolling at PT lately: some of the troll posts are just annoying advertisements to buy products or to solicit visits to other sites, but some of the troll posts are amazingly hostile, insulting posts aimed mostly at contributors who write articles about borderline personality disorder and those who respond to the articles.

Fortunately these trolls are entirely incapable of causing any real harm, sort of like tiny yapping dogs. Just ignore them.

Captain, I found your article fascinating and will share the link to it with various support groups for the adult children of borderline pd parents.

I think your theory on the mechanism by which a mother with bpd targets at least one of her children in order to "cripple" the child emotionally, prevent the child from becoming emotionally mature and independent and "abandoning" the bpd mother, is very insightful and intelligent.

Howerver I believe that its possible for a child targeted in this way to avoid that fate, though.

If the child has regular access to even ONE other adult who is relatively mentally healthy and can give the child unconditional love and validation, then the "curse" is lifted and the child has a chance of escaping enmeshment and entrapment with the bpd mother.

Or, since genetic predisposition is a factor in developing mental disorders: if the child has the innate temperament trait of being highly resilient and indepenent, and is able to self-soothe, then that can help too.

Or the child might avoid enmeshment by developing unhealthy coping mechanisms that nevertheless protect the child from entrapment/enmeshment or from developing bpd, such as the child might dissociate and develop amnesia about their childhood, or the child might develop multiple personalities, or the child might run away from home early.

Thanks for your article, and I hope you will share more of your insightful theories about borderline pd in the future.

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