There is no doubt that jealousy and envy can cause great distress and can undermine psychological resilience with ease.

These dangerous emotions seem to be related to social comparison theory.

Social comparison theory is centered on the belief that there is a drive within individuals to gain accurate self-evaluations. The theory explains how individuals evaluate their own opinions and abilities by comparing themselves to others in order to reduce uncertainty in these domains, and learn how to define the self. - Wikipedia

The hypothesis is the following

Envy is related to upward social comparison while
Jealousy is related to downward social comparison.

The remaining questions are the following
1. How can a person cope with his or her own envy and jealousy of others?

2. How can a person protect himself/herself from the envy and jealousy of others? How can a person avoid to trigger the jealous and/or envy emotions of the surrounding without limiting his own autonomy?

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