Introverts should never be teachers. I am one and it is driving me crazy.

I do think that while you may have a point, it helps a bit to narrow things down. Take for instance, in teaching, an introvert would probably not do so well in a class of 30 little people, but a therapist or special ed teacher working in a small group, tutoring a small group, or in a specialty, such as reading specialist, resource teacher, computer science, ESL or art, an Introvert may do better just because you have more control over your space and those spaces are naturally quiet. But you have to like managing people, and that's where teaching and I part company. Not to mention the bureaucracy. Yik!

I think it is a mistake for introverts to go into blogging and social media or anything related to the Web. Just as talking to people drains my energy, so does writing. I prefer to write at my own leisure. It is something I enjoy. It should not be something I do for a living.

I am a practical introvert (INTJ). I like systems. More importantly, I like to work and just work. I don't want to be anyone's friend, confidant or enemy. I just want to work, get paid and go home. I could work in an office, as long as I am at a quiet desk away from everyone else and people pretty much left me be. But extroverts have no idea how to do that, so I have to tell them. Then I'm the bad guy.

It would be great to work from home, but working from home requires a great deal of hustle and that means people and selling and I just hate that so much. I know you say there are introverts that sell, but most of them are really 'ambiverts' or quieter extroverts.

People say find your passion and do that. If only I could get paid to sleep and read.