Hello Brooke:

You are so young and have, I believe, a very bright future. You seem like a person who is very aware of oneself and that is a huge strength. The fact that you ask, "how do you really figure it out?" is another huge strength. You see, you are in problem solving mode and just asking that question of what to do is a step in the right direction. Here is my short answer. You indicated possible aspirations so you should check them out. Look into it! It is all trial and error and you have already figured out what you do not want to do. I wish you luck! Now a little about me. I just turned 50 this year!! Yep, an old guy .. or not!! I feel like a kid. I was dubbed an introvert so I became an accountant. After ten years of it, I could not stand it anymore. Well I discovered I liked technology and took a chance. Best decision I ever made. I am now in sales as a professional public speaker while also do technical work. I just love it. Oh, and they told me certain jobs were off limits to an introvert like me!! We are somewhere in between on the spectrum of introversion and extroversion and everyone is different and unique. So, follow your heart and your head and you will be fine. That is not say that there won't be growing pains and difficulty. You will develop the skills you need to function in all aspects of life provided you make the effort. And I believe you will! Again, you are already asking the right questions!! Good luck.