Hey I'm Ryan and i couldn't help but notice you are a stoner millionaire, i know you worked hard for your money and I super respect that. Me and my highly motivated brother from another mother, Joe, have started a new music project. We want to know if you'd be interested in funding our project. We are getting along pretty well but are having some financial issues, basically we need to have a lump sum to start with, and gain extra funding from there, possibly through kickstarter. As you will be able to hear soon enough (link below) we are really onto something that could be very popular. Kind of an indie disco vibe. Joe and I are really trying to get this off the ground, and would only need about 5 to 10k to start with. This would ensure that we have enough gear for live sets, some proper recording gear we are missing, we have a good start but need more. studio time is also super expensive which we will need to record vocals and guitar. Hopefully the music will speak for itself. Thanks for indulging my schpeel, appreciate it. Can't promise you would make that money back, but you are funding two men's dreams to make something super positive, and if we do make money we are paying you back, plus added interest. Thanks.

-Zona Rosa

ps. This is an unfinished track, needs a few things, small edits and needs vocals, let me know what you think. Thanks again. Weed rules.