Science truths transcend belief systems. Personal truths i.e. cultural, political or religious belief systems drive most of what you read on this topic.

This is a common debate among us with a long history. Science vs "Belief systems." It took a while to convince people the earth was not flat. Now try convincing everyone the earth is not the center of the universe. Wow, imagine how hard that would be. Liquor and cigarettes should be outlawed. Not pot.

Now we debate over a split pool of 19 smokers and 19 nonsmokers. Is this methodology such that science would agree? 19 people? LOL

Some facts on me:
- I smoke every week.
- Started at 33 years old,, many moon ago.
- I am a multimillionaire and was not born that way.
- I completed 4 triathlons last year.
- Smoking makes me lazy. But only after work or before bed. I sleep like a baby every night. No socially accepted drugs for me at bedtime.
- I am a Healthcare professional. No I don't see patients.
- Sugar is more dangerous than pot. It certainly kills more people than pot since this naturally grown plant has never killed a human in all of history.