Most of the research talks about people who started smoking pot in their teens and early adulthood. What are the effects of pot when you start smoking it later in life? I think the answer to this question should guide the legalization of marijuana.

My experience with pot

I had a hard childhood, abusive mother (physically then mentally). I had a hard time in school because of my dyslexia, I was bullied and had no real friends to speak of until I reach 11th grade. Despite all of this I made it to university were I was finally able to make great friends. I worked very hard, I was involved in lifeguard competition ( 3rd at the nationals) and graduated loan free and with an average above 3.0

The first time I smoked pot I was 26. I had a husband, a house and a great job. From then I smoked about 3 to 4 times a year until I was 31. At this point I started to smoke a joint daily on and off. 1 once per month for 2-3 month and then nothing for about the same. I only trust one person to supply me and he doesn't live close to me :( I'm not a fan of supporting organize crime... He grows small amount and only sells to people he knows well. I started growing my self and can't wait until I don't have to take those month off. Personally I am happier and more productive when I can have my nightly hit. I have struggled with depression for as long as I can remember, for me smoking pot helps.

I'm now 35. I'm still happily married. I have a great well paid job. We are 8 months away of being completely debt free. Bye Bye mortgage and car payment. All of my friend, except one, have no clue that I smoke and would not believe it if someone told them that I did.